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SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for BMW F650GS '00-'07, F650GS Dakar '00-'07 & G650GS '09-'10

SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for BMW F650GS '00-'07, F650GS Dakar '00-'07 & G650GS '09-'10

SKU: SBL.07.101.100

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Constructed of heavy-duty mild steel, SW-MOTECH crash bars are designed to provide maximum protection, optical integration, and high-quality fit and finish.

Understanding Crash Bars


Twisted Throttle BMW F650GS featuring the SW-MOTECH Crash Bars:

All components are protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powdercoating. High-strength frame mounting points. Black.

Special Note for Dakar Owners: You will have to remove the stock engine guard to use this crash guard.

Does not fit the 2011 and newer G650GS.

Constructed of 21.3mm outer-diameter mild steel tubing.

Eeyore from wrote a review of the product on May 10, 2005:

I dropped my BMW F650GS a couple of times and the F650GS/Dakar is even taller, so I thought it would be wise to install some kind of engine / fairing guard or crash bars before I ventured too far off pavement.

The Hepco-Becker bars appear to be functional and effective, but I just don't care for the way they look on the bike. The BMW OEM engine guard doesn't appear to provide any protection to the upper areas of the engine and the fairing and doesn't look too good to me either. Touratech makes a lower engine guard and an upper fairing guard which look good to me, but I wasn't happy with the way they mount...the end of the Touratech fairing guard "floats" and isn't physically connected to anything.

People have used all of the above and have been perfectly satisfied with them but I decided to try the SW-Motech crash bars [gee...I wish they would call them engine guards... crash bars seem to conjure up bad juju].

The instructions consist of a diagram showing an "exploded" view of the bars and how they are mounted on one side of the bike. There is some German text, but from what I could tell it was only a "congratulations you have purchased a guality product, etc." kind of message. Many of those words weren't covered in my two semesters of German 16 years ago. Ich vergesse.....

I had to improvise a little and spent a couple of hours going back and forth to each side, up and down, on the stool, on the ground, tightening here, loosening there, being bitten by the ants in the driveway, getting sunburned and dehydrated [first day over 90 degrees here], etc, etc. Having a bike stand and/or some assistance would have sure made the installation go smoother.

There isn't much info on these bars on The Chain Gang, so I thought I would share these pics. I hope I never have to test their effectiveness but I have to assume that I will at some point, given the "no speed" drops I experienced with my previous BMW F650GS.
Manufacturer # SBL.07.101.100
Customer Reviews
Review by Ddk
Crash bars look good on my f650gs. Easy to install. (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Review by markusfugit
Perfect fit, strongly designed and made; all bolts and washers included. Directions a bit sketchy, but functional. (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Review by BMWMorgan
Great quality but challenging to install. You would think with only three contact points for each bar but plan on install taking more time than you think. I ended up not using a couple of the washers included in order to get things to fit. The directions are a bit challenging as well due to pictures only. However, that being said I would absolutely buy these bars again- (Posted on 9/14/2014)
Review by Anonymous
These actually took a bit to get on just right, which is fine. I love how the seem like they are part of the bike and not an add-on. No need to over do it, there is protecting the bike as minimally as possible. The week after we got these on the bikes (2 for 2 bikes) on bike was stalled making turn and dropped on the one got hurt. Without these the plastic panel on the front would have broke - $500 replacement. So...they're worth it! (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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