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SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for Kawasaki KLR650 '08-'18

SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for Kawasaki KLR650 '08-'18

SKU: SBL.08.297.10002

In stock


SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for Kawasaki KLR650 now bolt to the frame instead of the foot peg bolts for greater strength.

Behind the Tech: SW-MOTECH's Torture Tested KLR Gear

Special Note: These Crash Bars are compatible with the revised SW-MOTECH welded Skid Plate MSS.08.469.10000 with cutouts to accept the Crash Bars frame mounts but are NOT compatible with the earlier style SW-MOTECH riveted Skid Plate MSS.08.347.10001. If you're not sure which version you have, please contact our Customer Service at 855-255-5550 and we will be glad to help.


  • 27mm heavy-duty mild steel tubing
  • German engineered precision fit
  • Rear mounting point clamps to frame 
  • No foot peg mounting necessary
  • Powder coated black finish
  • Three mounting points on each side
  • Vibration-isolating bushings (front mounts)


  • Left & right crash bars
  • Complete mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

KLR 650 Crash Protection Fitment Compatibility

KLR 650 '08-'18 Crash Bars Skid Plate Center Stand
SBL.08.297.10002 RG.AB0014 GiviTN421 MSS.08.469.10001 HPS.08.473.10000
Crash Bars SBL.08.297.10002       Yes Yes
RG.AB0014.BK       Yes Yes
GIVI TN421       No Yes
MSS.08.469.10001 Yes Yes No   Yes
Center Stand HPS.08.473.10000 Yes Yes Yes Yes  


KLR 650 '86-'07 Crash Bars Skid Plate Center Stand
SBL.08.274.100 SBL.08.297.10002 MSS.08.347.10000.B HPS.08.321.100
Crash Bars SBL.08.274.100     Yes Yes(W/ HW)*
SBL.08.297.10002     No Yes
Skid Plate MSS.08.347.10000.B Yes No   Yes
Center Stand HPS.08.321.100 Yes(W/ HW)* Yes Yes  

**(W/ HW)** With HardWare kit (Free)

Manufacturer # SBL.08.297.10002/B

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Customer Reviews
Review by DHall
Purchased not knowing really what the build quality these would be, but I was very pleased with the ordering, product, and install of this product. No regrets so far ordering from twisted throttle, this was my first order, but I have several other items I'm shopping and will probably order from them being that I have had a great 1st experience. (Posted on 6/13/2016)
Review by HLS
I installed 2 sets of those in the last week on 2 KLR (obviously) and it went great. 2 Things to mention though. 1. One of the sets had a defective Subframe bolt replacement, I got one from my local bike shop and it fitted perfectly. 2. The instructions are okay but nothing will replace the Youtube videos I looked at. This made my life much easier. Last set was installed in less than 1 hour, and I'm not a mechanical (like not at all!!) (Posted on 5/7/2016)
Review by KLR John
These look better than I thought they would with excellent quality and welds. I have bottom several compliments with these bars on my 2015 KLR. Installation wasn't bad at all and Twisted Throttle has them PA ked well and shipped fast! Highly recommend (Posted on 4/22/2016)
Review by sleorna
Shipping and packaging was better than any company I've ever ordered a product from. Everything was very nicely bubble wrapped. The product is great quality and worth every penny. Install couldn't have been easier. Very Impressed. (Posted on 3/23/2016)
Review by Grinder
A friend and I installed the bars on a 2009 klr Kawasaki 650 in a hour or so. Not bad at all .
All parts came in the parts bag . All parts where wrapped with lots of bubble wrap. Great job Twisted Throttle. !!! (Posted on 2/18/2016)
Review by Dale
Speed of the order was awesome.
I knew the item was used but the photos hid a tear in the housing. Would not have paid that much had I know about that.
Would recommend this site but I suggest parts inquiries be extensive. (Posted on 2/10/2016)
Review by HillbillyfromAL
I am pretty new to the dirt on a motorcycle, and I have done my share of picking up my bike while making the transition from just street experience. If I had of had these sooner I could have saved my plastic some nice deep scratches from gravel. I haven't had to test these out yet but they feel incredibly solid on the bike. I also used these with the Eagle Mikes upgraded bolt meant to work with these guards and it worked without issue. I do all my own work and these were easy and straight forward to install. (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Review by connor
purchased for my '13 klr650 and love them they have taken a beating on the trails so far and protect the bike really well (Posted on 1/4/2016)
Review by fightingNoise
I bought these crash bars and I couldn't be happier. They were easy to install, and were very well designed. The construction joints were reinforced and very strong. They included all hardware and the install was clean and professional. They have saved my plastics several times and decrease the damage I could have got! (Posted on 1/3/2016)
Review by Deltabravo440
Easy to install. They look great. Hopefully will make the plastic last a few more years. Haven't tested them yet, but they feel like they would take a big hit and keep on going. (Posted on 11/12/2015)
Review by aprilak
Fast shipping and great product! Great investment! (Posted on 11/5/2015)
Review by Mike
Just bought a set for my 2015 KLR 650 and really like them. Easy to put on, solid construction, and good looks. (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Review by DMc
Install was interesting. Best to have help with the front part holding bars up while getting bolts through the bracket. Wasnt that bad but for the front. They are great after installed. Solid and sturdy. They also look great! (Posted on 10/10/2015)
Review by Hillfarmer
The bars were an easy install they look outstanding on the bike. (Posted on 10/6/2015)
Review by Mark
Bars came wrapped, packed and taped in blankets of bubble rap.
Could have dropped package from an airplane. NICE JOB!
Installation was easy because fit and finish is superb.
Design and fabrication was VERY well thought out.
I have no doubt, if needed this crash bars will hold up
and protect vital parts from damage.
Also after installed, I was very impressed with how ridged
these bars are.
Worth twice the price! (Posted on 9/28/2015)
Review by thebaldguy
These bars mount solid and strong to the frame in 3 places on each side. They give my '13 KLR some much needed protection. Love these bars!

Installation was a little more difficult than anticipated. Needed to remove all lower panels and tank as well. The real difficulty however, was when I tried to mate the SWMotech aluminum skid plate with the crash bars. They both mount to the lower front frame. I was forced to make some minor modifications to the skid plate in order to make them fit together.

Now that it's all said and done, I love the look and the quality of the parts. (Posted on 5/17/2015)
Review by LowCountryStinkFist
Installed with some difficulty, due to bad threads on supplied bolt that screws into frame. The fuel tank really needs to be removed for access to the frame bolts. Adapted and overcame.
Still have not throw the bike on the ground, but the bars seem to be the best on the market for the KLR. (Posted on 5/4/2015)
Review by TEC
These were a dream to install. Life the tank was the hardest part, but make sure you put the skid plate on after. Great Fit and Finish. (Posted on 4/28/2015)
Review by 403KLR
Stalled my bike riding up hill, the bars on the left side snapped in 2... absolutely garbage! (Posted on 4/15/2015)
Review by lonecabron
Before buying crash bars for my 2011 KLR, I did a lot of searching and comparison.
Of all of the bars I found, the SW Motech bars were the most robust and in my opinion,the best looking and overall the best value. The installation was straight forward and simple, the fit perfect. Thankfully, I have not had occasion to put them to the test, but I feel that they would be solidly up to the task (Posted on 1/20/2015)
Review by doodah67
I've had these since October of 14. Look sharp and weren't bad to install.. I was hoping to have these to protect the plastic and engine.. I was letting the bike idle last month to warm up and I had a right side tip-over in my driveway.. My fault, didn't have the front wheel cocked all the way to the left.. but just a tip-over bent the bar far enough to bust my right fairing.. so maybe I had a unreasonable expectation that these would protect at least just falling over. (Posted on 1/15/2015)
Review by shaine
Great service very nice product. Sturdy, great finish and perfect fit. (Posted on 1/14/2015)
Review by ddr
I recently bought the crash bars for my new Klr650 2014.5...they're tough, large diameter tubed bars. It took approximately two hours to install. ..without rushing. I put a lot of research into my search and would definitely make the same purchase again, as I feel the provide more protection for the plastic than most of the other brands. (Posted on 11/26/2014)
Review by Dennsco
I purchased these a month ago but did not research the skidplate fitment well enough. I researched many older photos on the net that indicated these motech bars should fit with most skidplates as the rear lower mounting bracket bolted to the footpeg mount. I received the bars in a timely manner, they were packaged very well, thank you TT! But when I went to install, big problem!

I had installed a new Richochet aluminum skidplate and these bars would not fit. The problem was the lower mount for the motech crash bars had apparently recently been modified to instead now clamp to the lower frame of the bike forward of the footpegs! So most (all but motechs?) skidplates will not work. Upon further reading on their website (something I did not do thoroughly) SW Motech indicates you must now purchase one of their new skidplates in order to fit with the bars. Very proprietary and specific so BEWARE of this change!

Having no desire to purchase another new skidplate I installed several spacers underneath the rear portion of my skidplate lowering it around 3/4 inch in order to provide room for the c-clamp of the bars to fit. I have now rode over 1k miles with no issues, and am confident the skidplate will take any bashing I can throw at it.

Overall these bars are very well made, good fitment everything lined up perfectly, high quality, good finish, good looks, and will take a lot of bashing. These are my first purchase from Twisted Throttle and it went smooth as silk, thank you TT! I will be buying more in the future! (Posted on 11/13/2014)
Review by MotoADVKenya
I run a moto adventure company in Kenya with 20 plus KLRS and I have bought the crash bars here at twisted throttle- items are well priced, good quality and do what they are supposed to do. They are packaged well with very thorough packaging and installation manual s and kits. Id highly recommend this parts and Ill keep buying as they have saved me and my clients tons of money and inconveniences while out on tour (Posted on 10/21/2014)
Review by tpibob
As General Manager of TPI Motorcycles, offering parts and accessories for the KLR 650, we are proud to be an authorized distributor of Twisted Throttle. We demand our suppliers ship in a timely manner, back their warranties and offer a quality product. Twisted Throttle meets all our qualifications and more. Offering excellent service and a dedicated dealer program, Twisted Throttle comes highly recommended. (Posted on 10/16/2014)
Review by rocksroad
This is my second set of SW-MOTECH crashbars for my 2009 KLR650. The first set, purchased in 2010, fit well and looked good but the left one bent when I went down hard one time. The bars did the job of protecting the radiator and plastics but I could not bend them back properly. Twisted Throttle does not sell the bars individually so I had to buy a new set. There have been a few design changes since the original bars. The mounting to the front downtube now has rubber grommets on the thru-bolts, presumably to reduce vibration. This seems like a good idea but I can't really tell much difference. Second, the rear-lower bars no longer mount to the footpeg bolts, but now they clamp to the frame with rubber insulation. This change may also have been to reduce vibration but again, I didn't notice much difference. Lastly, the original bars used to have a bracket for cruiser-pegs and/or riding lights. This has been replaced with a simpler piece of reinforcing steel. It looks like it might be a little stronger. All in all the bars are effective and I think worth having though the price is the additional weight. (Posted on 10/10/2014)
Review by tiezto
After figuring out which skidplate to purchase with these bars, the install was not too bad. Took my inexperienced & cautious self about 3 hrs to install these + the skidplate. The fit was good, although I couldn't get an equal gap between the fairings & bars on each side. The new model bars have clamps that mount just forward of the foot pegs, which render all other skid plates (to my knowledge) un-mountable without serious trimming/grinding. The plate was a bit of a pain to install, the holes didn't align well with the KLR's front bracket (possible factory variance?) (Posted on 9/26/2014)
Review by toconnor126
Quick shipping and they look great on my 2014 KLR 650. Instruction are clear and all needed accessories are provided. Highly recommend. (Posted on 9/20/2014)
Review by HillbillyfromAL
I am pretty new to the dirt on a motorcycle, and I have done my share of picking up my bike while making the transition from just street experience. If I had of had these sooner I could have saved my plastic some nice deep scratches from gravel. I haven't had to test these out yet but they feel incredibly solid on the bike. I also used these with the Eagle Mikes upgraded bolt meant to work with these guards and it worked without issue. I do all my own work and these were easy and straight forward to install. (Posted on 9/9/2014)
Review by Jim
Foot Pegs, Crash Bars, and center Stand. Super products. Center Stand and crash bars went on superbly. Great directions. Foot pegs had a little of a challenge. The foot peg bolt to the mount must be put on to PULL the mount and foot peg together. Not enough room for socket or gear wrench. Must use open end and work 1/8 turns to get them together. 20 minutes per side! But boy do they work GREAT! Twisted Throttle, thanks for your super service! Next will be Crash plate. (Posted on 8/29/2014)
Review by Valride
I appreciated the easy install instructions. Even at my slow and steady pace, it took less than two hours from start to clean-up. The worse part of the whole experience was when I scratched the bars all up exactly 45 minutes after installing them. The good part is it saved hundreds in potential damage to my KLR when I laid it down on a steep/rocky mountain trail. Small dent on tank, would have been a complete puncture without the bars, not to mention the faring would have been toast! (Posted on 8/15/2014)
Review by rider121a
Easy product to install, looks great. Good protection points. (Posted on 8/8/2014)
Review by GSMoto
We are outfitting our fleet of KLR650's with these crashbars. They have been dumped, crashed, dropped and slid across the dirt and saved a fortune in damage. Hit them with a little light sandpaper and new black paint and they look like new. Great value and a good product. (Posted on 8/1/2014)
Review by chasjonesaz
I purchased these last week and recently installed the crash bars. They were relatively easy to install and the most challenging aspect was to get the subframe bolts aligned with the holes through the frame. That wasn't trivial, but it was relatively easy after I scratched my head for a while. Otherwise, I was impressed with the installation. The product seems solid at this time and the relatively minor vibrations of the crash bars are well dampened by the rubber pads and rubber bushing provided with the installation materials. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. I was also able to use my existing stock skid plate, which was nice since I was not ready to replace that yet. (Posted on 7/30/2014)
Review by Gerònimo
It's very strong, mounted on 3 points on each side. Comes with high quality hardware, easy to install and looks awesome! (Posted on 7/29/2014)
Review by Bob
Being concientious about easily damaged radiators and body panels, I decided to source out some protection. There are others worthy of looking into, but....having past experience with SW-Motech products and super service from TT, my choice was easy. Installation was straightforward, product quality is as expected {above average!}, and fit and finish was great. I cannot comment on how they "work" though...........!!!! Ride Safe.
Bob (Posted on 7/17/2014)
Review by 6un5m17h
Well worth the money! Install was very straight forward although probably a 2 person job. (Posted on 7/17/2014)
Review by highridin4x4
I bought these crash bars about a month ago. They are the new style that clamps to the frame. They were very well packaged and also feel very sturdy when mounted. I hope to not have to use them but atleast there there if I need them. My only complant is that at the time i ordered them no one had the new skid plate that works with these bars only. From what I here you cant use any other skid plate except for the new SW Motech designed skid plate. (Posted on 7/15/2014)
Review by MrJC
Kept hearing how good these bars are so decided to pull the trigger. Had everything off and installed in roughly an hour. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Philip
Ordered and received these bars through my local dealer, Fuel Powersports in West Bend, WI for my 2012 KLR650. I bought these in anticipation of an organized Dual Sport ride coming up in October. I grabbed a Coke and headed out to the garage to install them on Saturday. Like others posted, the instructions are not "step by step" like they are for a lot of products out there but if you have any mechanical ability you can figure it out pretty easily. The bars were of perfect alignment and took no "tweaking" to align bolt holes. Went on in about 2 hours. It took longer to remove/install the bodywork and tank than it did to install the bars. Looking forward to getting the SW Motech skid plate to add to my bike protection! (Posted on 9/15/2013)
Review by Lenny
I ordered these right after I picked up my 2012 KLR. Unfortunately I wrecked right before I got them and smashed in the right side with the water reservoir... Anyway, install was 2 hours with 2 guys and all the tools and space we needed. Instructions are not the best but enough that you can figure it out. They seem very strong so far. Tipped the bike over on concrete and lifted it by the bars to test them, worked well. I will see what happens next time I crash on the trails. Installed with the skid plate too. (Posted on 7/24/2013)
Review by Garrett
I just purchased the crash bars after the 1st radiator replacement. The first weekend riding with the new crash bars. We went 700+ miles from Houston to Mena and trail riding. Put the bars to the maximum test possible, not intentionally though. The bars worked great and proved to save the bike from major damage, and did its job protecting the radiator. The bars have been bent in towards the bike and now touch the plastics. The bars would get a 5 if they were a little stronger, maybe a heavier gauge steel. But they did the job and saved me another $2,000, in damage. The Skid Plate saved me from purchasing a new motor, and was worth its weight in gold. A Must have for hard core riders. (Posted on 5/13/2013)
Review by William
Received my crash bars in good order and viewed the instructions on line. It took me about 8 hours to install them with several breaks and a really cramped, dimly lit workspace. However I was alone, not feeling well, and the bike was new to me. I did prop up my gas tank with a piece of wood. My sub frame did not shift but I only loosened one side at a time. Final result is exactly what I wanted. I hope I never give them a true test. The only exception to the directions was that the new foot peg bolts were not long enough to accept the lock washers as well as the flat washers and still grab the threads on the frame. I have a SW MOTECH center stand as well. I had to install the foot pegs without the lock washers. I'm not too concerned as there are no lock washers on the factory installation. (Posted on 4/5/2013)
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