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SW-MOTECH GPS Mounting Kit For Triumph Tiger 800 '11-'14, Tiger 800 XC '11-'17, Tiger 800 XCx / XCa '15-'17, Tiger 800 XR / XRx / XRt '15-'17

SW-MOTECH GPS Mounting Kit For Triumph Tiger 800 '11-'14, Tiger 800 XC '11-'17, Tiger 800 XCx / XCa '15-'17, Tiger 800 XR / XRx / XRt '15-'17

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SKU: GPS.11.823.10000.B

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Provide a secure and adjustable mounting system to mount a GPS, Smartphone or other device cradle, bag or holder to your motorcycle.

The SW-MOTECH GPS Mounting Kit provides everything you need to mount a GPS cradle or other type of device holder to your motorcycle. This mount attaches to existing points just in front of the Tiger 800/XC instrument cluster, utilizes RAM components to allow for adjustability and provides a secure baseplate to mount the device specific cradle or holder. The baseplate provides an AMPS pattern that is compatible with most device holding systems.


  • Mounting bracket
  • Attachment hardware
  • RAM ball adapters
  • RAM arm (RAM.B.201.U)
  • Baseplate to mount GPS cradle or pouch

The mounting patterns in this mount include a universal AMPS hole pattern as well as horizontal, vertical and diagonal RAM hole patterns.

The AMPS hole pattern is an industry standard hole configuration. It consists of four (4) holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 1.188in by 1.813in (30mm by 38mm). In most cases the AMPS pattern consists of 8 holes. This allows the mount to be fitted in both a horizontal or vertical orientation. Most third party mounting devices and cradles have the AMPS hole pattern.

Garmin supplied cradles for the Garmin zumo 340, 345, 350, 390, 590, 595, and 660 require the SW-MOTECH GPS Adapter Kit GPS.00.085.100000.B be installed with this mount.

The Below Listed Cases & Cradles Are Compatible With This Mount

SW-MOTECH Device Case Guide
SW-MOTECH device cases are weather-resistant and compatible with universal AMPS hole patterns. 
DeviceSW-MOTECH Case
 Click on a selection to view product
Apple iPhone 3, iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s Hardcase for Iphone 3 / 4 / 4s
Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5s & iPhone 5se Hardcase for Iphone 5 / 5s / 5se
Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s Hardcase for Iphone 6 / 6s
Apple iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6s Plus Hardcase for Iphone 6 / 6s Plus
Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 Hardcase for Iphone 7 / 8
Samsung Galaxy S6 Hardcase for Samsung Galaxy S6
Universal Up To 5.3in x 3.5in x 1in (135mm x 90mm x 25mm) Navi Bag Small
Universal Up To 5.8in x 3.1in x 0.8in (148mm x 80mm x 20mm) Navi Case Pro S
Universal Up To 5.1in x 3.7in x 1in (130mm x 95mm x 25mm) Navi Case Pro M
Universal Up To 6.1in x 4.3in x 0.8in (155mm x 110mm x 20mm) Navi Case Pro L

RAM Mounts Device Cradle Fit Guide
RAM Mounts Device cradles consist of a high strength composite and have a hole pattern that will allow fitment to all RAM components or mounts that use the universal AMPS hole pattern. 
DeviceRAM Mounts Cradle
 Click on a selection to view product
Garmin Astro 220 RAM-HOL-GA12U
Garmin BMW Navigator II & III RAM-HOL-GA9U
Garmin eTrex Legend, Summit, Venture & Vista RAM-HOL-GA5U
Garmin GPS 60 RAM-HOL-GA12U
Garmin GPSMAP 176, 176C & 196  RAM-HOL-GA7U
Garmin GPSMAP 276C & 296 RAM-HOL-GA7U
Garmin GPSMAP 376C, 378 & 396 RAM-HOL-GA7U
Garmin GPSMAP 478 & 496 RAM-HOL-GA7U
Garmin GPSMAP 60, 60C, 60CS, 60CSx & 60Cx RAM-HOL-GA12U
Garmin Montana 600, 650, 650T, 680 & 680T RAM-HOL-GA46U
Garmin nuvi 1300, 1310T, 1350, 1350T, 1370T. 1390 & 1390T RAM-HOL-GA34U
Garmin nuvi 1440, 1450 & 1490T RAM-HOL-GA35U
Garmin nuvi 200, 205, 250, 255, 260, 265T & 270 RAM-HOL-GA24U
Garmin nuvi 200W, 205W, 250W, 255W, 260W, 265W, 265WT & 285WT RAM-HOL-GA25U
Garmin nuvi 220 RAM-HOL-GA32U
Garmin nuvi 2450, 2450LM, 2460LT, 2460LMT, 2555LT & 2555LMT RAM-HOL-GA52U
Garmin nuvi 2455LMT, 2475LT & 2495LMT RAM-HOL-GA25U
Garmin nuvi 2455LT, 2455LMT, 2475LT & 2495LMT RAM-HOL-GA34U
Garmin nuvi 30 RAM-HOL-GA51U
Garmin nuvi 300, 310, 350, 360 & 370 RAM-HOL-GA21U
Garmin nuvi 3550LM & 3590LMT RAM-HOL-GA53U
Garmin nuvi 465T RAM-HOL-GA25U
Garmin nuvi 50 & 50LM RAM-HOL-GA50U
Garmin nuvi 500, 510 & 550 RAM-HOL-GA32U
Garmin nuvi 600-680 RAM-HOL-GA23U
Garmin nuvi 710, 750, 755T, 760, 765T, 770, 775T, 780 & 785T RAM-HOL-GA26U
Garmin nuvi 800, 850, 855, 860, 880 & 885T RAM-HOL-GA30U
Garmin Quest & Quest 2 RAM-HOL-GA15U
Garmin StreetPilot  i2, i3 & i5 RAM-HOL-GA22U
Garmin StreetPilot 2610, 2620, 2650, 2660, 2720, 2730 & 2820 RAM-HOL-GA9U
Garmin StreetPilot c530, c550, c580, i2, i3 & i5 RAM-HOL-GA22U
Garmin zumo 220 RAM-HOL-GA32U
SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger RAM-HOL-SPO2U
SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker RAM-HOL-SPO1U
TomTom ONE 125, 130 & 130s RAM-HOL-TO7U
TomTom ONE 2nd & 3rd Editions RAM-HOL-TO4U
TomTom V2 & V3 RAM-HOL-TO4U


Manufacturer # GPS.11.823.10000/B
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Not seeing anyone who has a SW-M GPS mount on a Givi AF6401, I decided to take a chance. They're currently on sale for $58 shipped from Twisted throttle and it would be easy enough to return if it didn't fit. But, it fit perfectly ! I installed the SW-M mount in front of the Givi shield mount, as this is the only way it fits w/out grinding. The extra couple mm's thickness of the SW-M bracket made no difference in windshield alignment install. The photo makes it look like the RAM arm/ball is up against the windscreen, but their is easily a 1" gap between them. Quite happy (Posted on 7/26/2019)
Review by Guest
Very happy with the product fit very well on tiger 800 xrx 2017 and easy to install. (Posted on 8/23/2018)
Review by Guest
Extremely easy to install and positions my Zumo in the perfect place just above the instrument panel. (Posted on 8/16/2017)
Review by Guest
Easy to install, well designed, and puts my GPS in a perfect spot. Very pleased. (Posted on 4/5/2017)
Review by Guest
Bought one of these to move my zumo from the bars to the cockpit. Instructions were easy to follow and the mount was easy to install.
On general roads, the device is held solidly, however on rough, dirt tracks under vibration, the long RAM arm will droop, as others have experienced. (Posted on 3/27/2017)
Review by Guest
Installe this last year and have been running with it. It is by far the best GPS holder I have seen. Only negative would be that over time it starts to sag. (Posted on 10/9/2016)
Review by Guest
Mounting was very easy and the positioning is great. The only problem is the GPS unit tends to drop over time due to standard road vibrations. I have cranked down on the tightening screw but frankly I'm concerned that it will break at some point. The desired position should be held in a more positive manner. When I take this off-road I expect it will not hold my desired position. (Posted on 10/1/2016)
Review by Randy
Puts the GPS unit in the perfect spot closer to line of sight, so much safer as you only have to glance down. Well made and a perfect fit. (Posted on 4/22/2016)
Review by Bill
This mounting system is very secure. It works well with my GPS or cell phone.
It doesn't take a lot of effort to install on the bike either. (Posted on 12/6/2015)
Review by Superfunkomatic
Like the way it mounts and where it places the GPS above the gauges. Great mount (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Review by Vinban12
Was tied of having my gps on the bars, this little baby gets it up and out of the way as well as protected from the elements. Well worth the price. (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Review by actionjk
I bought this a few weeks ago in anticipation of a 12 day ride through the backroads of Montana and Idaho. Well unfortunately the trip is over, but the memories are many and the SW-Motech GPS Mounting Kit worked flawlessly. This is definitely the best thought out GPS Mounting Kit for the Triumph Tiger 800. I am using the Garmin Zumo 660LM. The GPS mounts behind the instrument cluster and the adjustable mount keeps the GPS above the cluster for an unobstructed view. I have the Triumph Tall Windscreen on my bike and the GPS tucks way below the top of the screen and inside enough that it is hidden from the elements. If you want to mount a GPS, I highly recommend this mount, it is well thought out. (Posted on 7/14/2015)
Review by JoeC
I originally had my GPS mounted on a RAM mount on my handlebars, but it was nowhere near my eye line and it added more junk and cables than I wanted on the bars. This mount allows the GPS to be in the perfect position and it keeps the power cable tucked away.

I imagine this works perfectly with the stock windshield, but since I am running a MadStad screen I had to modify the mounting somewhat to get it to work. All I needed was a few 1/2" nylon spacers and I was in business. I also replaced the standard hand tightener with a hex nut so that I could get the RAM mount tight enough (again due to my use of a non-stock windshield). Overall very pleased. (Posted on 7/10/2015)
Review by ls6777
This was the only GPS mount that I could find for the tiger 800 that mounted above the guage cluster. All the other ones I found mounted to the handle bars, which I think is too low and also turns with the handlebars. With the GPS above the guages I can keep my eyes on the road better. It's also very flexible in mounting positions to put it lower, higher, closer, farther. (Posted on 12/1/2014)
Review by Sandro
I bought it a month ago and installed in my Triumph Tiger 800.
No more need to turn my head to see the GPS!
It works great but at the end I did not need to use the extra mounting that is recommended so save some money and order only the mounting itself! (Posted on 11/7/2014)
Review by BadDawgs
I bought this GPS mount kit for my new triumph because it has a bracket the fits my specific bike. It uses a high quality RAM mount and placed my Garmin directly over the speedometer. It's perfect. Note; Make sure you order the cradle or a water proof box to house your GPS. You have to choose your cradle from a "drop down" list box when you order. (Posted on 9/11/2014)
Review by Bill
Arrived quickly as usual, from Twisted Throttle. Very easy to install, it only took me about 20 minutes. Places the GPS unit front and center making it very easy to see just above the instrument cluster. (Posted on 9/4/2014)
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