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SW-MOTECH LED Indicators For KOBRA Handguards

SW-MOTECH LED Indicators For KOBRA Handguards

SKU: HPR.00.220.30000.B

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Make your intentions known with these SW-MOTECH LED Indicators!

Available as an optional accessory for KOBRA handguards, the LED indicators (1 watt, 16 LEDs overall) give your turn signals additional visibility.

Add SW-MOTECH KOBRA LED Resistors to correct your turn signal flash rate when upgrading from standard 10 or 20 watt incandescent turn signal bulbs.

Sold as a pair.


Manufacturer # HPR.00.220.30000/B
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Looks cool, but not as bright as I thought they would be.

Easy to mount the lights in the handguards, but running the wiring to the turn signals was a bit challenging on the Explorer

You have three basic options for wiring these up- connect direct to a switched power source for use as running lights, running the wires to the back of the motorcycle to run them off the rear turn signals, or run them off of the wiring for the front signals. I elected to use the wiring up front, since I had only recently run some wiring under the gas tank, and did not want to go that route again.

Accessibility to the front turn signal wires was somewhat problematic- I could not reach the left hand connections, and the right hand connections I could barely reach, and didn't real have enough room to work to connect the posi-taps.

I ended up removing the headlight assembly, then I had ample room to access the wiring.

A couple of notes:

1. If you are removing the stock incandescent turn signals and converting to LEDs, you will need the resistor pack.

2. If you plan on leaving your stock incandescent bulbs in place, and using the LEDs as additional turn signals (like I did), you will not need the resistors- I have had to flash rate issues with the LEDs piggybacked of the stock units.

I like these, and reccommend them, but the wiring job was a bit challenging due to the location of the connections on the bike, not due to any issue with the lights themselves. (Posted on 4/8/2018)
Review by everyone
They work perfectly u cant eve notice the wired the lights stand out , u should get them if your gonna get the handguards (Posted on 4/22/2015)
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