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SW-MOTECH EVO Daypack QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 5-9L

SW-MOTECH EVO Daypack QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 5-9L

SKU: BC.TRS.00.108.2002

In stock


Carry 5-9 liters of your essential gear within reach and in style with the SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK EVO Daypack Tank Bag.

What Fits in Your Tank Bag?


The SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK tank bag system enables the tank bag to be mounted or removed easily without the use of straps or magnets that may damage your motorcycle's finish. The system includes the tank bag, upper tank ring and a separately available tank ring that is designed to be installed onto the motorcycle. Once the system is assembled, the tank bag can be snapped securely into place or removed by pulling a release lanyard at the front of the tank bag.

During installation, the tank bag's position on the tank can be fitted forward or backward of the tank bag's center by 3.5 inches.


  • Easily removed for gas fill ups
  • Reflective trim
  • RC-Fuse Zippers (RC-Fuse Video)
  • 1 Outer compartment
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Capacity: 5 to 9 liters
  • Length: 11.81in (30cm)
  • Width: 8.26in (21cm)
  • Height: 5.90in (15cm)


  • Quick-Lock Non-Electric top ring 
  • Rain cover

The Daypack also makes a conveniently removable QUICK-LOCK rear bag for motorcycles equipped with SW-MOTECH Alu-Racks or Steel-Racks with the addition of the Type 204 EVO adapter for Alu-Racks or the Type 202 EVO adapter for Steel-Racks.

Optional accessories:
Gadget Holder
SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Map Holder


Once you have installed the tank ring, attaching your tank bag is easy!

QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag attachment instructions:
Step 1: Position tank bag directly over tank ring. Step 2: Press down on tank bag, locking it into position.

Detach the tank bag with one hand in one second!

QUICK-LOCK Tank bag detachment instructions:
Step 1: Pull cord to release locking mechanism. Step 2: Lift bag up.


Tank Ring Fitment Guide
To order, determine the correct tank ring for your motorcycle from the chart below, and make the correct selection from the drop down menu above.

SW-MOTECH EVO Tank Ring and Tank Bag Fitment Guides



SW-MOTECH Micro Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Daypack Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Sport Tank Bag
2.5-5 L
Micro 12v
5-9 L
Daypack 12v
14-21 L
Sport 12v
SW-MOTECH City Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Trial Tank Bag SW-MOTECH GS Tank Bag
11-15 L
City 12v
15-22 L
Trial 12v
16-22 L
GS 12v
SW-MOTECH Engage Tank Bag SW-MOTECH Yukon 90 Tank Bag  
7 L
Engage 12v
9 L
Yukon 90 Y


SW Motech EVO Style Tank Ring Guide
This chart refers to EVO Tank Ring applications only
UniversalClick to view 
SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK Top Racks Type 204
Drill-On (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
ApriliaClick to view  
RS125 '98-'02 Type 175
Pegaso 650 '93-'96 Type 118
Pegaso 650 '97-'07 Type 175
SL750 Shiver '08-'16 Type 175
ETV1000 Caponord '01-'07 Type 175
SL1000 Falco '00-'01 Type 175
RSV1000 Tuono '04-'05 Type 175
RSV1000 Tuono '05-'10 Type 300
RSV4 Factory APRC '13-'16 Type 300
Tuono V4 R '11-'17 Type 300
Caponord 1200 '13-'16 Type 300
Caponord 1200 Rally '16-'18 Type 300
BenelliClick to view  
Tre 1130K '07- Type 190
BMWClick to view  
G310GS '18-'19 Type 160
G310R '17-'19 Type 160
F650 Funduro '93-'96 Type 118
F650 ST '93-'96 Type 116
F650 Funduro '97-'00 Type 116
F650GS and F650GS/Dakar '00-'07 (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
F650GS Twin '08-'12 Type 201
G650GS '09-'10 (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
G650GS '11-'16 Type 205
G650GS Sertao '12-'15 Type 205
F700GS '13-'18 Type 201
F750GS '19-'20 Type 306
F800R '09-'18 Type 206
F800GS '13-'18 Type 201
F800GS Adventure '14-'18 Type 201
F800GT '13-'17 Type 206
F800S '06-'10 Type 206
F800ST '06-'12 Type 206
F850GS '19-'20 Type 306
R850R '94-'01 Type 120
S1000R '14-'19 Type 127
S1000RR '10-'19 Type 127
S1000XR '15-'19 Type 306
HP2 Sport '08 Type 123
HP2 Sport '09-'12
(beginning with August 2008 production dates)
Type 127
HP2 Enduro '05-'06 Type 120
R1100GS '94-'99 Type 120
R1100R '93-'01 Type 120
R1100RS '93-'01 Type 120
R1100RT '96-'01 Type 120
R1100S '99-'05 Type 120
R1150GS Adventure '02-'05 Type 120
R1150GS '99-'04 Type 120
R1150R Rockster '00- Type 120
R1150R, '00-'06 Type 120
R1150RS '01-'05 Type 120
R1150RT '00-'04 Type 120
R1200GS Adventure '06-'07 Type 120
R1200GS Adventure '08 Type 123
R1200GS Adventure '09-'13
(beginning with August 2008 production dates)
Type 127
R1200GS '04-'07 Type 120
R1200GS '08 Type 123
R1200GS '09-'12 
(beginning with August 2008 production dates)
Type 127
R1200GS LC '13-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 306
R1200GS LC '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200GS LC Adventure '15-'19 without Keyless Ride Type 306
R1200GS LC Adventure '15-'19 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200R '07-'08 Type 124
R1200R '09-'10 (beginning with August 2008 production dates) Type 127
R1200R '11-'14 Type 128
R1200R '15-'19 without Keyless Ride Type 306
R1200R '15-'19 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200RS '15-'19 without Keyless Ride Type 306
R1200RS '15-'19 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200RT '14-'18 without Keyless Ride Type 306
R1200RT '15-'18 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1200S '07-'08 Type 123
R1200S, '09- (beginning with August 2008 production dates) Type 127
R1250GS / Adventure '19-'20 with Keyless Ride Type 306
R1250R '19 with Keyless Ride  Type 306
R1250RT '19-'20 with Keyless Ride Type 306
R nineT '14-'20 Type 127
R nineT Pure '17-'20 Type 127
R nineT Racer '17-'19 Type 127
R nineT Scrambler '17-'20 Type 127
R nineT Urban G/S '18-'19 Type 127
K1200GT '03-'08 Type 306
K1200GT '03-'08 Type 306
K1200R '05-'08 Type 306
K1200R Sport '07-'08 Type 120
K1200RS '97-'06 Type 120
K1200S '05-'08 Type 120
K1300GT '09-'12 Type 306
K1300S '09-'16 Type 306
K1300R '09-'15 Type 306
K1600GT (All years) without Keyless Ride Type 127
BMW Models with Keyless Ride Type 306
BuellClick to view  
Firebolt XB12R (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Lightning Long XB12Ss (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Lightning Super TT XB12STT (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Lightning XB12S & XB12Scg (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Ulysses XB12X (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
Ulysses XB12X T (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
1125R '08-'10 (drilling and permanent modification required for installation) Type 100
CagivaClick to view  
Elefant 900 '92-'96 Type 190
Ducati Click to view 
M 600 Monster & M 620iE Monster '94-'06 Type 110
Super Sport SS 600 Type 110
Monster 696 '09-'14 Type 300
Superbike 748 '00-'03 Type 110
M 750 Monster & M 750iE Monster '97-'03 Type 110
Super Sport SS 750 Type 110
Monster 796 '10-'14 Type 300
or Type 203
Monster 797 '17-'19 Type 110
M 800 Monster & M 800 S2R Monster '04-'07 Type 110
Monster 821 '14-'19 Type 110
848 Streetfighter '11-'15 Type 300
Superbike 848 & Superbike 848 EVO '08-13 Type 110
Superbike 899 Panigale '14-'15 Type 300
M 900 Monster & M 900iE Monster '94-'04 Type 110
Super Sport SS 900 Type 110
M 916 S4 Monster '00-'04 Type 110
Superbike 916 '94-'98 Type 110
Multistrada 950 '17-'18 Type 306
M 992 S2R Monster '05-'09 Type 110
959 Panigale '16-'19 Type 300
M 996 S4R Monster '00-'04 Type 110
Superbike 996 '00-'02 Type 110
M 998 S4RS Monster '06-'09 Type 110
M 1000iE Monster '03-'05 Type 110
Super Sport SS 1000 DS Type 110
Superbike 1098 & 1098R '07-'09 Type 110
Monster 1100 & 1100S '09-'10 Type 300
or Type 203
Monster 1100 EVO '11-'14 Type 300
or Type 203
Streetfighter 1100 & 1100S '13-'15 Type 300
Superbike 1198 & 1198R '09-'12 Type 110
1199 Panigale '12-'14 Type 300
1299 Panigale / S '15-'18 Type 300
Monster 1200 & 1200S '14-'19 Type 110
Monster 1200R '16-'19 Type 110
Multistrada 1200 & 1200S '10-'17 Type 306
Multistrada 1200 Enduro '16-'18 Type 306
Multistrada 1260 '18-'19 Type 306
Hypermotard 950 '19 Type 306
HondaClick to view  
CB500/S '93-'03 Type 106
CBR500R '13-'15 Type 208
CBR500R '16-'19 Type 304
CB500F '13-'15 Type 207
CB500F '16-'18 Type 304
CB500X '16-'18 Type 304
599 & CB600F Hornet '98-'10 Type 106
CBF600 '08-'09 & CBF600SA '10-'12 Type 106
CBR600 & CBR600F '95-'14 Type 106
CBR600RR '03-'12 Type 106
CBR600RR '13-'19  
NT650V Deauville '98-'05 Type 106
CB650F '18 Type 304
CBR650F '14-'16 Type 304
NT700V Type 106
XL700V Transalp '07-'14 Type 106
VFR750, all years Type 106
NC750S/SD '14-'17 Type 302
CB750 Nighthawk '92-'03 Type 106
VFR800 '98-'01 & VFR800 VTEC '02-'12 Type 106
VFR800X '10-'13 Type 106
VFR800X '14 Type 304
VFR800X '15-'16 Type 307
VFR800F '14-'15 Type 304
CB900F Hornet '02-'05 Type 106
CBR900 all years Type 106
CBR900RR '93-'03 Type 106
919 all years Type 106
CBR929, '00-'01 Type 106
CBR954 '02-'04 Type 106
Africa Twin CRF1000L '16-'19 Type 304
Africa Twin Adventure Sports CRF1000L2 '18-'19 Type 304
VTR1000F Superhawk, all years Type 106
VTR1000SP1 Firestorm, all years Type 106
VTR1000SP2 RC51, all years Type 106
XL1000V Varadero '08-'12 Type 106
CBF1000/F '06-'14 Type 106
CBR1000F '93-'96 Type 106
CBR1000RR '04-'13 Type 106
CBR1000RR '14-'17 Type 304
CBR1000RR '17-'18 Type 304
CB1000R '08-'14 Type 106
RC51 '00-'05 Type 106
CB1100 EX '17 Type 304
CBR1100XX Blackbird all years Type 106
VFR1200F '09-'14 Type 106
VFR1200X '10-'13 Type 106
VFR1200X '14-'17 Type 304
ST1300 Pan European Type 106
CB1300 '03-'09 & CB1300S '05-'10 Type 106
KTM Click to view 
390 Duke '13-'16 Type 210
390 Duke '17-'19 Type 211
790 Duke '18-'19 Type 211
Super Duke 990 Type 170
790 Adventure / R '19 Type 170
1090 Adventure R '17-'19 Type 306
1190 Adventure / R '13-'16 Type 306
1290 Super Adventure / R / S / T '15-'19 Type 306
1290 Super Duke R '14-'19 Type 306
1290 Super Duke GT '17-'19 Type 306
Kawasaki Click to view 
EX250R Ninja '87-'06 Type 135
Ninja 250R '08-'14 Type 116
Versys-X 300 '17-'19 Type 311
Ninja 300 '13-'17 Type 116
ER-5 '96-'05 Type 140
Ninja 500R '08-'14 Type 116
EX500R / GPZ500S Ninja '87-'06 Type 135
KLE500 '91-'05 Type 135
ZZR600 '05-'06 Type 140
ER-6f, ER-6n & Ninja 650R '06-'16 Type 140
Ninja 650 '17-'19 Type 311
or Type 312
Versys 650 '07- '19 Type 140
Z650 '17 Type 311
or Type 312
ZX6 / ZZR600, '90 - '00 Type 135
ZX6R Ninja '95-'18 Type 140
ZX6RR '05-'06 Type 140
Vulcan S '15-'19 Type 140
ZR7 '00 Type 135
ZR7S '01-'03 Type 135
ZX7R '90-'03 Type 140
Z750 '04-'12 Type 140
Z750S '05-'07 Type 140
ZX9R Ninja '94-'03 Type 135
Z900 '17 Type 311
Versys 1000 '12-'18 Type 140
Versys 1000 '19 Type 311
Z1000 '03-'16 Type 140
Ninja 1000 & Z1000SX '11-'19 Type 140
ZG1000 / GTR1000 Concours '94-'07 Type 135
ZX10R Ninja '04-'18 Type 140
ZRX1100 '97-'01 Type 135
ZRX1200R/S '01-'06 Type 140
ZZR1200 '02-'06 Type 140
GTR1400 Concours '08-'09 Type 140
GTR1400 Concours '10-'19 Type 140

ZX14R Ninja '08-'19
Please verify before ordering: If your gas cap has 7 screws order the Type 135 ring. If your gas cap has 5 screws, order the Type 140 ring.

Some ZX14s have holes without any threading and require two extra nylocks to attach the ring. If you're attaching a tank ring to this bike, let us know and we'll send you the extra Nylocks! 

Type 135
Type 140 
ZZR1400 '06-'16 Type 140
Moto Guzzi Click to view 
Breva V750 IE Type 180
Nevada Classic 750, '06- Type 180
California EV Touring '06-'17 Type 180
Breva 850 '05-'10 Type 300
Griso 850 '05-'10 Type 300
Norge 850 '07-'10 Type 300
V11 Scura, 2002 (requires use of additional spacer kit to raise tank ring) Type 180
Breva 1100 '04-'07 Type 300
Griso 1100 '05-'10 Type 300
1200 Sport '08-'14 Type 300
Stelvio 1200 '08-'17 Type 300
Breva 1200 '06-'11 Type 300
Griso 1200 '07-'17 Type 300
Norge 1200 '06-'14 Type 300
Motus Click to view 
MST '15-'17 Type 300
MSTR '15-'17 Type 300
MV Agusta Click to view 
Brutale 675 '12-'16 Type 160
F3 675 '12-'18 Type 160
Brutale 800 '12-'18 Type 160
F4-1000 '06-'11 Type 110
F4 Senna '06-'11 Type 110
Brutale 910 '06- Type 110
F4 '12-'18 Type 300
Suzuki Click to view 
GS500 & GS500F '01-'05 Type 115
GSF600 Bandit '00-'05 Type 115
GSX600F Katana '88-'97 Type 125
GSX600F Katana '98-'01 Type 115
GSX-R600 '96-'03 Type 115
GSX-R600 '04-'19 Type 125
RF600 '93-'95 Type 115
GSF650 Bandit & Bandit/S '05-'13 Type 125
DL650 V-Strom '04-'11 Type 115
V-Strom 650 (all models) '12-'19 Type 125
SFV650 Gladius '09-'15 Type 125
SV650 & SV650S '99-'02 Type 115
SV650 & SV650S '03-'08 Type 125
SV650 '17-'19 Type 125
GSX650F '08-'15 Type 125
XF650 Freewind '97-'03 Type 115
GSX-R750 '96-'03 Type 115
GSX-R750 '04-'19 Type 125
GSX-S750 '18-'19 Type 125
GSX750F Katana '88-'97 Type 125
GSX750F Katana '98-'01 Type 115
RF900 Type 115
GSX-R1000 '00-'02 Type 115
GSX-R1000 '02-'16 Type 125
V-Strom DL1000 '02-'13 Type 115
V-Strom 1000 '14-'18 Type 303
TL1000 '98-'02 Type 115
TL1000R '98-'02 Type 115
SV1000 & SV1000S '03-'05 Type 125
GSX-S1000 / Z '15-'19 Type 125
GSX-S1000F '15-'19 Type 125
GSX1200 '99-'01 Type 115
GSF1200 Bandit '97-'06 Type 115
GSF1250 Bandit & Bandit/S '07-'16 Type 125
GSX1300 B-King '07-'14 Type 131
Hayabusa GSX1300R '99-'07 Type 115
Hayabusa GSX1300R '08-'19 Type 125
TriumphClick to view  
Daytona 600 '04 Type 160
Daytona 650 '05 Type 160
Daytona 675 Triple '06-'17 Type 160
Street Triple / R '07-'17 Type 160
Street Triple Rx '15-'16 Type 160
Street Triple S '18 Type 160
TT 600 Type 160
Speed Four, all years Type 160
Daytona 750 & 1000 '91-'92 Type 160
Trident 750 & 900 '91-'98 Type 110
Tiger 800 / XC / XCx / XCa '11-'20 Type 160
Tiger 800 XR / XRx / XRt '15-'20 Type 160
Daytona 900 '93-'96 Type 110
Sprint 900 '93-'98 Type 110
Tiger 900 '92-'98 Type 110
Tiger 955 '99-'01 Type 160
Tiger 955i '01-'06 Type 160
Daytona 955i, T595, & Speed III '95-'06 Type 160
Sprint RS 955 '99-'04 Type 160
Sprint ST 955 '99-'04 Type 160
Sprint ST 1050  '05-'11, Sprint GT '11-'14 Type 160
Tiger 1050 '07-'11 Type 160
Speed Triple 1050 / S / R '04-'17 Type 160
Daytona 1200 all years Type 160
Explorer 1200 / 1200 XC '12-'16 Type 160
Tiger Explorer XCx & XCa '16-'20 Type 160
Tiger Explorer XR, XRx & XRt '16-'20 Type 160
Trophy 1200 & 900 (some model years) Type 160
Trophy 1200 '98 Type 110
Rocket III Type 160
Victory³Click to view  
Hammer & Hammer S, '05- 
(tank bags may hit optional V-drag bars; fit ok with original bars)
Type 110
Kingpin, '05- Type 110
Kingpin Tour, '05- Type 110
Vegas, '05- Type 110
Vegas 8-ball, '05- Type 110
Vegas Jackpot, '05- Type 110
³ May fit additional Victory model years; we have not tested compatibility. Not compatible with most Victory Arlen Ness models, as the handlebars on those models do not provide enough clearance for installation of a tank bag or accessory mount on the tank ring.
YamahaClick to view  
YZF-R3 '15-'18 Type 305
FZ6 '03-'10 Type 110
FZ6R '10-'17 Type 110
YZF600R '94-'06 Type 115
FZR600 '90-'98 Type 115
YZF-R6 '99-'16 Type 110
XJ6 Diversion '08-'14 Type 110
FZ-07 '14-'17 Type 209
MT-07 '18-'19 Type 314
FZ700 '87 Type 115
YZF750 '94-'05 Type 115
FZ8 '11-'14 Type 110
TDM900 '01-'13 Type 110
FJ-09 '15-'17 Type 308
MT-09 Tracer / GT Type 110
FZ-09 '14-'17 Type 110
MT-09 '18-'19 Type 110
XSR900 '16-'19 Type 110
NIKEN '19 Type 313
FZ1 / FZS1000 Fazer all years Type 110
FZR1000 '94-'95 Type 115
YZF1000 '94-'05 Type 115
YZF-R1 '98-'14 Type 110
YZF-R1 '15-'19 Type 305
FZ-10 '17 Type 305
MT-10 '18-'19 Type 305
BT1100 Bulldog '02-'05 Type 116
XT1200Z Super Tenere '11-'19 Type 110
FJR1300, all years Type 110
MT-01 '05-'14 Type 110
XV1700 Warrior '05- Type 110

SW-MOTECH EVO Tank Ring Installation Video

Note: If you already own an SW-MOTECH tank ring please ensure it has an EVO style quick-lock ring prior to making this purchase. This tank bag comes automatically with an EVO style top ring which is incompatible with original style tank rings. A description of the differences between the two tank rings can be found in the attached file (see installation instruction tab above). If you have an original style tank ring and would like to purchase a compatible top ring for your new tank bag please call us at (855) 255 5550.

Manufacturer # BC.TRS.00.108.20002
Capacity 5-9L
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
I don't like most tank bags for a couple reasons. First is the mounting. Either you have magnets that don't work well and/or will mar the finish on your tank, or you have straps that may work fairly well but they're still a bit of a pain. The second issue pertains to DS and ADV bikes. When you stand up the tank bag gets in the way, either a little or a lot. Either way, it's there and you notice it the entire time you're standing. But then I found the SWM Daypack with the Evo mount for my Africa Twin. It is perfect. Zero flaws. The ring attaches securely to the tank and the bag mounts quickly and securely to the ring. The quality is top notch. The bag is big enough to hold everything I want a tank bag to hold but it is narrow enough that when I stand I don't even know it is there. Perfect! (Posted on 6/30/2019)
Review by Guest
I bought the Micro size and It works very well on my 2016 GTR1400. It is well built and fits the bike very well. The mounting takes up space in the bag and I do wish I would have bought one size larger. When I am on extended trips I unzip the lower bag to extend it and that works well to hold any extra sundry items. The rain cover included keeps EVERYTHING dry.
A tank bag is not designed to hold all your gear and the Micro holds most everything I need to access regularly like phone, 2 or 3 pair of glasses. registration, wallet, cash, fuel card, earplugs and the like. I would recommend this product 100%, just get the one size up than you think you need. (Posted on 6/18/2019)
Review by Guest
I want to start this review by saying that I'm one of those people that reads reviews for everything before I buy it and very rarely leave a review. With that being said I wanted to take a few moments out of my day to review this tankbag that came in about an hour ago. You read that right, one hour ago and it is already mounted. The instructions were very easy to follow and understand if you have any mechanical ability at all. The install was pretty easy and do not let the fact that you have to drill into a brand new tankbag dissuade you from buying this. I have a BMW F800GS and had concerns about access to my key and power port. As you can see from the pictures there was no issue. I have owned several tankbag including Givi tanklock, tank locker, and Nelson Rigg. The quality of this bag meets or exceeds all of the ones above listed. As I have just mounted it I do not have a road review yet but the bag is solid on the mount easy to remove and latches securely. After receiving the bag and installing it I did not understand the negative reviews about instructions, installation, and difficulty of install. The instructions even mention using Loctite which is pretty much a common sense thing but they took the guesswork out for someone that's not sure. I hope this review helps you and your decision. (Posted on 1/26/2019)
Review by Guest
January 2019

I'm giving this 2 stars only because the cons I mention could've easily been addressed. They're not functional or complex issues.


The zipper is not weather sealed. I anticipate dust getting into the compartment. Unnecessarily.

There's no way to lock the bag to the tank ring.
You can use a padlock to lock the zipper, but there should be a way to secure the bag to the tank. At least a simple way to padlock it. Not looking for a military anti-theft system.
Just a simple lock to ensure no one walks off with it. I am willing to stand corrected. In fact, I hope I overlooked this and someone corrects my observation.

The blindingly red interior lining is very unnecessary. I prefer to be discreet.
The red sw-motech 'horns' logo on the top was already enough. Really didn't need to make the interior bright red.
Yes, I realize that a non-black interior makes seeing/locating items easier but was bright red absolutely the only other option?

The inner pocket elastic straps are already loose. I imagine they'll loose form and become useless soon.

For all the above cons, it's overpriced.

I won't go into the pros too deeply as they are covered well in other reviews.

The main reason I purchased the day pack over the micro was the ability to fit a large'ish tablet into it.
I like to take my tablet to coffee shops.

I am able to 'stuff' my Huawei m5 10 with a slim case in.

I say stuff because the bag is opening is slightly wider at one end. But it fits. You do need to unzip it for more capacity. Not for height, but so that the bottom expands enough to fit the tablet's 4 corners.

The m5 10 dimensions:

258.7 x 171.8 x 7.3 mm (10.19 x 6.76 x 0.29 in).
I've attached many photos. See them.

I like that it comes with a carry-handle and detachable shoulder straps.

The primary saving grace is that you can use this bag in other bikes by simply purchasing the other bike's tank ring.
Which is great because I always carry a portable battery pack, zip ties, small denomination cash, pocket knife, puncture repair kit, flashlight.
This means I don't need to either move all this stuff from one bag to another or purchase a whole other set of these 'everyday carry' for the other bike.
Simply detach from bike A and attach to bike B and so on. (Posted on 1/5/2019)
Review by Guest
So nice having something convenient, lockable yet easy to pop off and take with you. (Posted on 9/23/2018)
Review by Guest
This is a well made tank bag and installation is easy. My only negative observation is should the wire release mechanism fail, one would be unable to fuel the motorcycle as you would not be able to access the fuel cap. You can remove the bag by removing the 4 bolts but you still would have to figure out how to remove the upper mounting plate from the tank ring. Naturally this would occur at night in the middle of nowhere! If anyone has any suggestions, please post. (Posted on 9/20/2018)
Review by Guest
I recently completed my first tour using this tank bag, and I am glad that I bought it. The Quick-Lock connector is simple and easy to operate, and the size is just right for me to hold my glasses case, rain gloves, etc. I recommend this product. (Posted on 9/14/2018)
Review by Guest
I bought this Tank Bag for a long trip to the west coast. It was a great choice and because of the unique tank ring it fit my bike perfectly. It is not to large and expandable if required. the bag has reflective panels for high visibility. The bag also has a rain cover and shoulder strap. (Posted on 7/30/2018)
Review by Guest
Perfect size to hold my camera, an extra set of riding glasses and a few other things. Everything stayed dry without the rain cover in several hours of rain. (Posted on 7/28/2018)
Review by Guest
Happy with the bag! So convenient! I recommand this
To anyone with a motorcycle (Posted on 7/16/2018)
Review by Guest
I bought this for my Triumph Sprint ST, which has a plastic tank. Used it on my recent 7 day trip and it held up great. Kept wallet, phone, sunglasses, passport and 1 litre camel back inside. Cannot find a fault with it. Highly recommended and as always, SW-MOTECH gear it top notch. (Posted on 7/14/2018)
Review by Guest
I bought this tankbag essentially as a handy storage of things like house keys, wallet, gloves, etc for the local commute. It's small, tough, and very easy to use thanks to the EVO Tank lock system. It's not exactly for traveling since it's quite small, but a great day pack as the name suggests. (Posted on 7/6/2018)
Review by Triguy
Returned this one and bought a bigger bag by same company. Pricey but quality seems good and ability to lock onto bike is a great feature (Posted on 7/2/2016)
Review by Mike
Had this for about a month. So far works great though capacity is slightly smaller than I expected. Installation was easy. I used a smaller drill bit tha supplied. Reason: I wanted maximum bearing surface for the lens-head screws. I base this on no experimental daya, just gut feeling. Anyway, good quality, easy install, and has not resulted in any anrasion to paint. (Posted on 5/19/2016)
Review by Kiki231
I bought this bag to be a small (but not to small) tank bag for the basics of my keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses and a few other items. The SW Motech EVO bags are the only bags that rival the fantastic fit and finish of the BMW bags. These bags have hidden seams, nice bright lined interiors, thick and solid shape, multiple styled panels and quality zippers. There are lots of little details that you only see in person. The Daypack is small but has an expansion panel. Excellent. (Posted on 4/22/2016)
Review by bBluezhawg
I purchased this bag for my 2015 Versys 1000LT and found it to be of very high quality. My main reasons for going this route and ditching the old magnetic bag is so I can keep my wallet in the bag away from magnetic forces and not having to subject my paint to the constant abrasion of a magnetic mount. You'll like the molded bottom that holds its shape and the pockets inside are handy as is the red color which make finding your things much easier in low light situations. The overall quality is exceptional and this bag should last a long time while keeping those little items close at hand on your rides. I did however choose to return this version in favor of the Engage model as my tank slopes aggressively. So I hope this will help someone get the right bag for their Versys. Great product and service! (Posted on 4/5/2016)
Review by Menedav
I am disappointment. Very difficult to install. !!!!!!!! You need a drill. (I do not have) The bag is small with difficulty fits 10-inch tablet extending the bag. (Posted on 3/10/2016)
Review by Jimeg
This tank bag is well made and nice looking. The locking system works well. Note that the dimensions given are taken at the widest point and the bag tapers in from the base, so the interior size is a bit smaller than I had expected. (Posted on 3/3/2016)
Review by Entropyd
Appears to be a well made product. Good looking, works as advertised. If I feel the same about it a year from now I'll give it 5 stars! (Posted on 1/12/2016)
Review by Irish Thor
Great product although the dimensions on the site show it being bigger then it is. I would've rather gotten a larger bag for the cost. But the attachment works great. (Posted on 1/4/2016)
Review by BoyZuki
This bag is the perfect size for my needs. It holds a can of soda, my digital SLR and random accesories (wallet, phone, keys, charging cords). The fact that it expands makes it even more versatile. It is stiff when not expanded and little less stiff when expanded (thogh when expanded you would expect it to be filled). (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Review by Rod
I bought the Daypack Tankbag and map holder one month ago - great addition to my bike - worked great on 3800 mile trip to Wyoming. Very pleased with size and utility of the bag and map holder. (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Review by vilmos2k
I did not realize it will take some drilling to have it installed but after the little "hassle" now I am enjoying my little tank bag. I keep it on my '13 V-Strom 650 at all times. Very easy to take off and on when filling up with gas. (Posted on 10/14/2015)
Review by Quest
Bought this for a trip across Canada to fit on my Ducati 1199 Panigale. The connector ring works perfectly - no issues at all. The bag itself is smaller than the picture suggested, so even with the expanding zipper opened it won't fit a large amount of items. Overall a good purchase and would recommend. (Posted on 9/17/2015)
Review by DJRFW
This is a well made bag. However, it is smaller than I expected, a bit small for the cost. Another thing not well explained is that you have to do some drilling to make it work. No drilling on the bike, but you must drill holes in the bottom of the bag to position it properly. Don't worry, it comes with a very good template. Be sure to read the instructions and open the inside flap on the bottom before you drill. This flap is to protect contents from the mounting screws that will go in the holes you drilled. It fits well and doesn't touch the paint once installed. And it's a good-looking bag. Make sure it works for you before drilling holes. I suspect they won't allow you to return it once you do. (Posted on 7/10/2015)
Review by BRUCE56
I received my SW-MOTECH bag today and though I have not installed it, these are my overall thoughts :
The bag is small but the right size for what I need. It can carry all of the following:
1. 16.5 fl. oz. of water
2. Multi- tool
3. I-phone
4. Pen light
5. Maps
6. Passport
7. Extra gloves & glasses
8. Breath mints
9. Ear plugs
10. First Aid kit ( small ) / eye drops & sun screen ( small )
11. Tire gauge

Overall, I would recommend this tank bag but would probably use a larger one for an extended trip. This is a quality tank bag. (Posted on 6/21/2015)
Review by Ddan
Bag does what it is supposed to do. Not too big so it does not interfere with steering. Tank ring mounting system works well. I wish it had outside pockets for small storage. It doesn't hold much, but keeps what you need the most where you need it. You do have to drill the bottom to mount it, but that is easily done. (Posted on 5/18/2015)
Review by disgruntled
I have not been able to use the bag because I have no way to attach it to my bike. (Posted on 4/29/2015)
Review by azokie
I have had the Daypack tank Bag mounted for about a month and I am pleased with the purchase. The installation template and instructions were easy to follow and I had no issues with drilling the holes through the provided plastic template. The lock and unlock mechanism work as designed. (Posted on 11/24/2014)
Review by quiltngirl
We (CBR500R &CB500F) are so happy with our tank for me to keep phone and cash..glasses.

Only complaint the release wire for bag often goes UNDER bag and for LARGE fingers hard to reach when you need to remove for fuel fill.

Bag doesn't scratch tank like magnetic one can. (Posted on 11/4/2014)
Review by wantucce
The bag is great. Good size for touring, maybe a bit big for a quick ride. That said, it meets my needs well. The instructions for mounting were a bit sparse regarding when to use the spacers for the bracket. Luckily I have a friend that has the same bag so I had point of reference. Drilling through a new bag to secure the mounting bracket to the bag was a bit nerve wracking but I know it provides for personal setup. I should suggest stacking some wood inside the bag so that the bag rests on the wood and there is no flex when drilling. Regardless, got it done and love the quick release feature that the bracket allows. It also provides a sense of security as it has to be released in order to be removed. My old bag could just be picked off the tank(magnets) and I was reluctant to leave it on the bike in parking lots. (Posted on 10/10/2014)
Review by Luke
I bought this tank bag for my 2014 Kawasaki concours,it fits great and looks good also.The quality is excellent and is perfect for extra gloves,sunglasses,a hat ...etc. (Posted on 9/29/2014)
Review by DaveW
I bought this tank bag about 1.5 years and 25,000 miles ago. First for an Aprilia Tuono V4, and one year ago I added a 2013 BMW R1200 GS to the garage and bought the appropriate tank ring. The original installation required taking your time and careful following of the excellent instructions, but otherwise not difficult. As both bikes use the same bag position over the fuel cap mount, the bag instantly switches back and forth. After about 25,000 miles of use, it has by far been the best tank-bag of a dozen or more I have owned over the years. It goes on and off for fill-ups in a couple of seconds and has shown no wear or problems with one exception. I was in a hurry once and did not get the bag latched in properly. The bag came off at about 40 mph and bounced down the road. Aside from some minor scuffs to the zippers and cordura, it still works just fine. This is a fairly small bag, but if I needed a larger one, I would definitely buy one of these in a larger size. Now if they only made it in a waterproof version, it would be perfection. (Posted on 8/13/2014)
Review by Adam
Great tank bag for day trippng, big enough for a phone and charger and a few extra things and does not impede in any way turning the handle bars. Quicklock makes a secure and easy to get on and off with no paint scuffing. (Posted on 7/15/2014)
Review by Jeffhu
Great tank mount but really bad bag installation on the customer end. It involves you drill 4 holes in a soft pack bottom of the bag. There is no room for small error. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by PerryG
I bought a Bags Connection bag from Twisted Throttle in the U.S. before the evo ring came out, I was very happy with it when I wanted to switch it to another bike I tried the new evo ring, because that was what was available that fit the bike it was going on: it's very poorly designed the latches are released through some strings routed through the ring instead of directly like the old ones this very flimsy string wears out, mine lasted about half a dozen removals before failing. If you can't get a bag like this with the old style ring I'd say pass on these. I was very surprised to see such a shoddy design from SW-Motech they usually make pretty good stuff. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by harbec
This bag is made of quality materials and should last the life of the motorcycle. The installation process isn't super easy as it requires drilling the base of the bag to install the gas cap ring.

However, this allows you to customize the installation so it fits your bike like YOU want. They even include the proper size drill bit and allen key. No need for any special tools.

I thought the bag was a bit bigger when looking at the pictures but since it can expand for more storage, this is the perfect size for a short trip/commute to work.

I bought the GPS holder with it and I just love it!

The bag is a bit pricey for it's size but in the end, you get what you pay for! (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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