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SW-MOTECH TRAX ADVENTURE 3-case Kit with Motorcycle Specific Steel Rack & QUICK-LOCK Sidecarriers | 38L Top, 45L Left & 37L Right - Aluminum or Black

SW-MOTECH TRAX ADVENTURE 3-case Kit with Motorcycle Specific Steel Rack & QUICK-LOCK Sidecarriers | 38L Top, 45L Left & 37L Right - Aluminum or Black

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SW-MOTECH TraX ADVENTURE 3-case Kit for Steel Rack & QUICK-LOCK Sidecarriers 45L/37R | Silver Anodized or Powdercoated Black-Black Powdercoat 3
SW-MOTECH TraX ADVENTURE 3-case Kit for Steel Rack & QUICK-LOCK Sidecarriers 45L/37R | Silver Anodized or Powdercoated Black-Silver Anodized 1

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SW-MOTECH TRAX ADVENTURE 3-case Kit for Steel Rack & QUICK-LOCK Sidecarriers

The all new TRAX ADVENTURE Cases are exploding with all the features a rider needs making this kit the best hard luggage system on the market. Each 3-Piece system includes all the working parts for mounting and 3 roomy cases to stow all of your belongings. The boxes themselves have been significantly improved with embossed surfaces, welded seams and reinforced plexi-corner caps to ensure superior strength and great weather protection for all of your important stuff! 

Please Note: The final price will vary based on the rack sets to fit your motorcycle.


  • Rugged and weather resistant motorcycle touring cases
  • Construction: Powder coated or anodized aluminum 
  • Cases: Wall strength of 1.5 mm/.06in 
  • Welded body, embossed designs, and recessed lid provide superior dependability
  • Robot welding and punch riveting prevent moisture from seeping in
  • Protected against corrosion and aluminum residue by powder coating or anodizing
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Completely removable lids with quick-release fastener and restricting rope
  • Sturdy tie-down points, integrated into the lid corners
  • Plexi corner caps on outer case edge provides maximum ground clearance for cornering
  • Corner protectors made of glass reinforced plastics
  • Stainless steel latches
  • Easy mounting on all QUICK-LOCK EVO carriers
  • Adaptations available for different carrier systems
  • Sturdy, steel mounting toprack system & easy-to-use QUICK-LOCK sidecarriers

Kit includes:

  • TRAX ADVENTURE 45-liter ALU-BOX, left
  • TRAX ADVENTURE 37-liter ALU-BOX, right
  • TRAX ADVENTURE 38-liter ALU-BOX topcase
  • TraX EVO®/TRAX ADV Lock Cylinder Set - (6 matching cylinders and 2 matching keys)
  • SW-MOTECH Steel Rack adapter plate for TRAX ADVENTURE topcases
  • SW-MOTECH Sidecase Adapter Kit for Quick-Lock "EVO" sideracks (TRAX ADVENTURE boxes)
  • SW-MOTECH Keyed Locking Quick-Lock Fasteners 2nd generation (pair)

Required add-ons:

Note: The following items will appear as separate line items but are required for mounting the luggage, DO NOT DELETE FROM CART.

  • SW-MOTECH Steel Rack Toprack for selected motorcycle
  • SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK Sidecarriers for selected motorcycle

Don't see your bike listed? Mounting the TRAX ADVENTURE Cases is achievable if your bike has an Evo siderack or Top rack. Browse for a compatible SW-MOTECH Sidecarrier or SW-MOTECH Toprack. 



Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Bought the black powdercoat version. Finish seems quite rich. The boxes seem very sturdy, a dull thud when tapped on. Everything bolted on as it should.

Bear in mind that in order to get the key out of the locks, you have to have them in the locked position, meaning, if the key is out, the latch is locked. A nice feature to ensure it's locked, but a little annoying when running errands and don't prefer to have them locked.

Still need a serious offroad trip to test the secure'ness of the quick lock fasteners...... (Posted on 5/9/2018)
Review by Guest
Very strong and well made. Those boxes are easy to use and look great. The rack fit perfectly and the powder coat is quality ! (Posted on 4/23/2017)
Review by Guest
Purchased this as a complete kit for my '16 Africa Twin and I am very pleased with it. The panniers are very spacious and have an excellent build quality. Installation was a breeze and everything fits well, the only issue I ran into was that I needed to modify my stock liscence plate holder to work with the Motech rear bracket. ( not a huge deal, just an extra 2 holes that needed to be drilled in the plate holder). The Sw Motech quick lock design is great, very easy to attach/ remove the panniers/ top box and even the racks. The addition of the lockable quick locks are a bonus as you need not worry about luggage theft. The top box fits very well and the SW Motech steel rack works very well with the stock Honda passenger grab bars. When the top box is removed all you have is the steel rack attached to the grab bars and it is not bothersome whatsoever. Overall this is an excellent package and I'm sure it will deliver many miles and years of use. (Posted on 4/2/2017)
Review by Carlos
I've traveled a few times and more than 3,000 kilometers with the Trax Adventure bags and not only they have lots of space but they look awesome on my black Tiger 800. Of course I bought the powder coated black to match the bike. Bags feel sturdy and very strong mounted. Easy to detach from mounting. My only concern is that they cannot be left closed without locking them with the key. I know it is a safety feature, but for me that's annoying, cause I keep leaving things out after locking. Guess it's just me!, hehe. That means I've sometimes got to shut the bike 'cause I have all keys on the same ring. Also happens in the garage, when I want to grab something on the go and must come inside looking for the key. Maybe I still have to get used. They also close very tight, which means no water will go inside, but sometimes they make an air bubble that gives you a hard time opening them. I found useful to have a screwdriver at hand to introduce it thru the rubber seams and liberate that air. Otherwise I am very happy with this bag set and I do recommend it over all other brands I have owned and seen on my other friend's bikes. (Posted on 4/11/2016)
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